Mundo Unico Autumn 14 Collection

Colombian men's designer underwear brand Mundo Unico have just released their highly anticipated Autumn Collection which includes a range of must-have boxer briefs in a variety of prints and colours. This...

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MANStore M419 Range

We always adore MANStore’s sexy black designer underwear. This M419 Range is particularly naughty with a silken microfibre which is semi see through too for added sex appeal. The new collection features...

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MANStore Nightclub Special Edition M420

Indulge your desire for fetish men’s underwear with this fun Nightclub Special Edition M420 range by ManStore. These totally erotic PVC effect pieces are the ultimate in avant garde men’s underwear....

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MANStore M315 Coffee Colour Collection

The M315 Coffee Colour Collection by men's top designer underwear brand MANStore is available in a gorgeous shade and created from a fabric that clings seductively to your body’s shape. This 5 piece...

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Bruno Banani Studio Range

Chequered designs are definitely top of the fashion list and top German men's underwear designers Bruno Banani have combined a stunning range of shades to create an alternative slant on the tartan...

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Olaf Benz RED 1463 Range

Category : Mens Underwear

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Olaf Benz are a brand that creates designer men’s underwear that is slinky and has a sublime feel. The material of this 3 piece collection is beautifully light with sharp red stripes plus it is incredibly stretchy too for a wonderful fit. The styles in the 1463 range are the Hip String, Neo Brief and Mini Pant.

Olaf Benz RED 1463 Neo Brief

This RED 1463 Neo Brief tactile modal fabric comes in matt black and is woven with sharp red pinstripes. The comfy body fabric of this masculine slip is layered once throughout, and has a gentle contouring at the pouch.

Olaf Benz RED 1463 Mini Pant

Red pinstripes cover this smart RED 1463 Mini Pant in a sharp business look. The under short’s matt black microfibre is light and smoothly finished for all day comfort. Perfect boardroom attire.

Shop the new RED 1463 Range by Olaf Benz now.

C-In2 Mens Low Cut Styles

Category : Mens Underwear

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Designed by Gregory Sovell, creator of the original 2(X)ist men’s underwear, C-In2 offers a range of men’s designer underwear in fresh colours and styles. Choose from a range of men’s briefs, trunks, No Show styles, and chic sports briefs.

C-IN2 H+A+R+D Lowest Punt

This H+A+R+D Lowest Punt is a seriously neon bright shorty that is given even more volume with bold black markings around the waistband. Thay are cut daringly low in a sexy hipster shape.

C-IN2 Pop Stripes Low No Show Profile Brief

This Pop Stripes Low No Show Profile Brief comes in a cosy cotton fabric, and we love the fun stripes and the sexy low rise cut. Simply gorgeous slip underpants.

Shop all the latest styles by C-In2  now.

MANstore M450 Range

Category : Mens Underwear

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MANstore once again bring you the most stunning fabrics and designs in men’s underwear. The M450’s super soft material kisses the skin and the subtle dual tone pattern doesn’t shout but whispers style.

Manstore M450 Cheeky Brief

This M450 Cheeky Brief features a decorative fabric that is enhanced with a bright trim at the leg hems which is also used to form the contemporary string gusset. The brief’s pouch is sculpted for an improved profile.

Manstore M450 Micro Pant

This M450 Micro Pant feautures a light fabric that is interwoven with a beautifully decorative duo coloured pattern which will suit any skin tone. Seriously beautiful men’s underwear.

Shop all the latest men’s undies styles by MANstore now.

Body Art Kyra Range

Category : Mens Underwear

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Dressed with sexily sheer stripes this new Kyra Range for men by Body Art reveal just the right amount of skin. Available in three different styles choose from the Mini Pant, Hop Slip and String.

Body Art Kyra String

This Kyra String features a semi opaque pouch that uses one layer of stretchy matt yarn which looks fantastic teamed with the sheer and block stripes of the body fabric. This is one chic men’s brief.

Body Art Kyra Hip Slip

This Kyra Hip Slip is not your average men’s black thong. Its pouch is created from a beautiful matt microfibre which sits in one layer over your crown jewels for a sensually close fit. The sides and scanty back alternate sheer and opaque stripes.

Shop men’s designer underwear by Body Art now.

Bruno Banani Chip Range

Category : Mens Underwear

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For those who like RAM, ports and fiddling with their joysticks This is where true geek chic is at! This Chip Range by Bruno Banani is a two piece collection featuring Hip Shorts and Sport Slip.

Bruno Banani Chip Sport Slip

This Chip Sport Slip features an ultra tactile material that can be enjoyed by both die hard computer fans and complete technophobes. It comes with a secondary layer at the pouch for better support.

Bruno Banani Chip Hip Short

This Chip Hip Short is covered in a computer component print and will have the most dedicated of technology nuts drooling. The gently shaped pouch is double layered.

Shop the full range of men’s designer underwear by Bruno Banani now.