Mens Underwear

Body Art Eratini Range

Using only the very best workmanship, materials and design, Body Art is designer men’s underwear brand from Germany offering a collection of styles for men who dare. Eratini is a 3 pice collection offeringpsychedelic flashes of colour blended with a grey camo base. Available as a V-Shirt, Pant and String these pieces are sure to make a bold t-shirt.

Body Art Eratini V-Shirt

This Body Art Eratini V-Shirt is covered with explosions of psychedelic colour and contrasting camouflage making it great for making a statement. It is finished with a branded silicone rectangle at the left arm hem.

Body Art Eratini Mini Pant

This Body Art Eratini Mini Pant sees military meeting psychedelic 60s to create this mind bending ensemble. A smooth single layer microfibre is printed in camouflage and scattered with bursts of hallucinogenic colour for a completely memorable look.

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