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Bruno Banani Check Line Range

If you like the feel and quality of men’s designer underwear but like your style to be clean and simple, then the Check Line Range by Bruno Banani is just for you. Etched with a translucent grid pattern making a nice change from your daily underwear wardrobe. Choose from the T-Shirt, Hip Short and String.

Bruno Banani Check Line Shirt

This Check Line Shirt is available in Marine, Neon Yellow, Red and White. A narrow lined pattern creates a translucent grid across the microfibre, while the rounded neckline is trimmed in the body material for comfort.

Bruno Banani Check Line String

This Check Line String is available in Marine, Neon Yellow, Red and White. It features an extra layer of material at the front which adds to the feeling of quality. The designer brand name is visible on a rubberised tab while the fabric waistband of these thongs dips to create a 1.5cm back.

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