Mens Swimwear

HOM Nemo Swimwear

Whether you are lounging by the pool or chilling on the beach this stylish 2 piece Nemo Swimwear by HOM will show off your characteristic style. Choose from either the Mini Brief or Short.

HOM Nemo Swim Mini Brief

This Nemo Swim Mini Brief comes in a variety of different coloured and sized fish and utilises a dual layer of fabric throughout to ensure your modesty is protected all over. It features didden drawstring ties on the inside of the waistline and a metallic brand tab hangs from the waistband at the left hip.

HOM Nemo Swim Short

This Nemo Swim Short is a bum hugging swimming trunk for men covered with a shoal of tropical fishes and has an interior tie cord to ensure your crown jewels don’t ever become fodder for the real thing!

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