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Guide to the hottest mens underwear in the UK.

Mens Briefs

Olaf Benz RED 2065 Range

This 4 piece RED 2065 Range Fun by top designer men’s undies brand Olaf Benz are a fun range in a print starring popcorn, cinema seats, film reel and 3D glasses. Choose from the Mini String, Brazil Brief, Mini Pants, and Boxer Pants.

This Olaf Benz RED 2065 Brazil Brief are cinema inspired men’s bikini slips. They are tiny male micro underwear covered in movie night imagery including film reels, popcorn and 3D specs. They come is a silky fabric with a gently contoured unlined pouch.

This Olaf Benz RED 2065 Boxer Pant comes in a colourful print of popcorn, film reels, 3D glasses, cinema seats and stars. An extremely lightweight male short with a plain black waistband – definitely deserves top billing. It features a silky fabric single layer throughout, low profile pouch and an Enamel brand tag stitched left on the waistline.

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