Mens Undies

Guide to the hottest mens underwear in the UK.

Top German men’s undies brand Olaf Benz have just released this 4 piece RED 2213 Range. This shimmering collection available in either Black or White consists of the Rio Tanga, Mini String, Brazil Brief and Mini Pant.

This Olaf Benz RED 2213 Rio Tanga is a men’s underwear slip with an ultra high cut to reveal lots of thigh. Flattering male underpants in a sporty, open sided look. This one has a shimmering swirl surface effect so it’s far from plain. The 1.5cm waistband comes with an enamel brand tag, with a single layer subtle pouch and ultra high leg with good bum cover.

This Olaf Benz RED 2213 Mini Pant are men’s underwear boxer briefs. A step up from plain male trunks, these chic gent’s maxi shorts have a lovely shimmering swirly surface design. They features a low profile unlined pouch, with a rear seam that creates an ideal fit with a 1.5cm covered waistband.

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