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Skinny Underwear

Skiny Underwear is a German designer underwear brand with a strong emphasis on lifestyle. Skiny is all about being fun and above all being yourself, even if that is a case of being something totally different. For those who believe life is one big journey and are self confident and uncomplicated to allow life to take you wherever it chooses, irrespective of what mood you are in, then Skiny will appeal to you.

Recommended Pieces

The Skiny Option Modal Trunk is a cotton rich line of men’s underwear with a blend of modal for a super soft and natural feel to it. These feature a soft elasticated covered waistband and supportive contouring pouch for a shape defining look. These are a really comfy line from the Skiny underwear brand and a must have for your underwear draw.

Available in Coral, Lime and Lime Stripe the Skiny Live Reloaded Trunk is a cotton rich boxer trunk with a contouring pouch at the front and a cool modern silver waistband with the Skiny logo on it. This line from Skin is all about freedom and self confidence to be bold, adventurous and outgoing with a stylish look. Made from a soft cotton rich fabric the Skiny Live Reloaded trunk offers a cool and natural feel, which makes them great for everyday wear.

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