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Mens Strings

MANstore Stripper Strings

The summer just got hotter with the release of these Stripper Strings by MANstore. Just press the hip clips on these strings for an instant strip tease! Available in a range of bold colours choose from the M421 and M462. This M421 Stripper String features a top quality microfibre that wraps the body in one …

Mens Strings

MANstore M105 Sexy Range

If you are looking for some special underwear this festive season to impress your friends or the ladies, then look no further than the M105 range of men’s designer underwear by MANstore. Seductively daring and great for guys who love more risqué underwear styles choose from: The M105 Hot Pant is somewhere between a boxer …

Featured Mens Strings

HOM Valentin Strings

The HOM Valentin Strings are available in four single colour twin packs available, all equally alluring, Light Blue, Slate Grey, a magenta-like Pink, and Valentine’s Red. The thong’s 2cm wide back tapers to meet a flat HOM branded waistband which creates the tanga style sides of this single layer stunner. See the full collection of …

Mens Strings

MANstore Mens Strings

MANstore have just released their new range of M200 tactic mens strings, available in a range of fantastic bright colours. MANstore M200 Tactic Sock String. This M200 Sock String’s design is seductively barely there, a single layered pouch attached to a slim waistband that circles the body with a black and white MANSTORE logo dressing …