Mens Underwear

Body Art Chios Range

If you dare to indulge your erotic side and dare to dress in some different men’s underwear then German brand Body Art is just for you. Pay homage to Unvle Sam with this American inspired design. The Chios range features a R-Shirt along with a Mini Pant and String.

Body Art Chios R-Shirt

This Chios R-Shirt features a tactile microfibre that is covered with a distressed version of the US flag in muted shades of soft Chinese red, ecru and petrol blue. The material is super stretchy and fits brilliantlt and comes with a trimmed round neck and ultra flat seams.

Body Art Chios Mini Pant

This Chios Mini Pant is a modern styled boxer which is covered with a distressed print inspired by the American flag. The luxuriously soft microfibre fits where it touches and there is a pouch which is more supportive thanks to the two light layers used .

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