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Guide to the hottest mens underwear in the UK.

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Body Art Hades Range

If you love animal print undies then you will undoubtedly fall head over heels for this tiger print available in the 3 piece Hades Range by Body Art. Choose from the Mini Pant, Mini String and String in two fantastic colours.

Body Art Hades String

This Hades String comes in a silky smooth material that is luxurious to the touch and the addition of a mini centre seam on the pouch will help to enhance your profile. A small rubber brand tab is sewn centrally to the waistline of this slip while the rear tapers down to a slim 2cm in width.

Body Art Hades Mini Pant

The Hades Mini Pant features an ultra smooth and tactile fabric that feels super silky against the skin for a luxurious wear that’s also rooooaringly good to look at. A mini centre seam adds support and definition to the pouch while brand lettering runs all the way around the waistline of these under shorts.

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