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Body Art Livadiki Range

The gorgeous fabric of this men’s Livadiki Range by Body Art is mottled with grey spots and slinks sexily over the physique. The 3 piece consists of a V-shirt, Mini Pant and String.

Body Art Livadiki V-Shirt

This Livadiki V-Shirt comes with a subtle spotted print that decorates this monochrome men’s t-shirt. The microfibre is unbelievably light and subtly sheer. The purrrfect treat for your torso!

Body Art Livadiki String

This Livadiki String is light, tactile and very subtly see through. The white yarn of these luscious thongs is printed with small grey spots which mimic the look of leopard skin. The style is finished with a coordinating tab stitched centrally at the waist.

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