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Guide to the hottest mens underwear in the UK.

Mens Underwear

Body Art Malkara Range

Malkara is a daring men’s underwear design by top German brand Body Art and is all about maximising your sex appeal. Taking a great PVC look fabric that is light to the touch, this 3 piece collection consists of the V-Docker Shirt, Mini Pant and String available in either Navy or Red.

Body Art Malkara V-Docker Shirt

This Malkara V-Docker Shirt is a a sleeveless V-neck t-shirt with a super sheer back. This men’s top hugs the front of your torso in smooth opaque fabric, while the rear is created with a single layer of fine mesh.

Body Art Malkara String

This Malkara String is a great choice for lovers of leather effect men’s underwear that is guaranteed to make you feel sexy. The single layered pouch on this string brief is opaque while the sexy tulle creates the sides and 2cm back.

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