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Bums Chum Thongs

The new Bum Chums thongs collection come in a metallic wet look finish. These really are an excellent collection of thongs and we are confident that they will fly off the shelves when any thong lovers discover them.

Bum Chums Moon Thong
. Offering a sexy ‘space-age’ look they are made of liquid metal lycra fabric that shines, gleams and sheens more than a Lunar Module!

Bum Chums Terra Firmer Thong. Featuring a classic g-string style they have a continual waistband that is piped all the way around with a contrasting black seam and designed to sit neatly on the hip.

Bum Chums Shooting Star Thong. The Celestial Shooting Star thong will leave you shooting past admirers. Made from space-age liquid metallic lycra you’ll illuminate the atmosphere everywhere you go.

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