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Doreanse Boxer Briefs

If you love the modern snug fit short but are nostalgic for the classic styling of men’s boxer shorts, then look no further than these brand new Doreanse Boxer Brief’s.

Doreanse 1870 Boxer Briefs

Doreanse 1870 Boxer Briefs. This sophisticated black design is stitched with perfect white pinstripes, horizontal along the sides and rear and vertical down the pouch which adds a traditional two button fly.

Doreanse 1529 Boxer Briefs

Doreanse 1529 Boxer Briefs. The short’s soft black fabric is complemented by a bold red single layer pouch and side panels which feature a sporty double stripe of black trim. The dual coloured theme is continued to the black elasticated waistband, stitched with Doreanse logos separated by pairs of smart horizontal stripes.

Doreanse 1777 Boxer Briefs

Doreanse 1777 Boxer Briefs. The 1777 Boxer Brief is blessed with a gorgeous cotton/modal fabric, soft smooth and stretchy, and available in classic Black or White colour options. The pouch uses two layers of plush fabric and velvety interior seams which are super flat for added comfort and support. The smooth, flush waistband is interwoven with oversized Doreanse script in silver grey in the White colour option and stone grey on the Black.

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