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Gigo Mens Underwear

Gigo Mens Underwear

Following the immense popularity of Columbian brand Clever Moda, South American brand Gigo has released a collection of mens underwear that encapsulates everything we look for in a designer brand; contemporary, sexy, masculine, different and quality.

Gigo offers an exciting range of g-strings, boxers and jockstraps in vibrant and eye catching designs that will appeal to any discerning male who seeks to standout with something that is slightly different, looks great and feels amazing next to the skin, such as the liquid metal wet look Espejo range.

The Espejo line is super sleek and offers and ultra tight second skin fit that leaves nothing to the imagination.

G-strings are available for only £19.50 and boxers for £22.00, all with FREE UK Delivery and FREE Worldwide delivery for orders of £75 or more.

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