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Mens swimwear does not have to be boring, and Gregg Homme has once again work their magic with these new releases from their swimwear collection.

Gregg Homme Brazilian Cut Hexx Swim Brief

Gregg Homme Brazilian Cut Hexx Swim Brief. The skimpy cut of the Hexx Brazilian Swim Brief is teamed with a specially shaped pouch to create an impressive profile. The body fabric is available in Navy or White, each decorated with a honeycomb pattern in glistening gold which matches the shimmering waistband. The interior of the pouch is lined with soft mesh and there is a hidden drawstring inside the waistband.

Gregg Homme Square Cut Hexx Swim Short

Gregg Homme Square Cut Hexx Swim Short. This enchanting men’s swimwear option uses a smooth fabric in either angelic White or Navy blue which is overlaid with a uniform hexagonal pattern in glimmering gold. The enhancing pouch is lined at the interior with comfy netting and a drawstring is hidden inside the golden waistband for complete security.

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