Mens Undies

Guide to the hottest mens underwear in the UK.

Portuguese brand Impetus offers a range of designer men’s undies for the hottest weather, travelling or sitting for long periods. Their Innovation undies have Outlast microcapsules first created for NASA to aid heat and moisture management for astronauts.

This 3 piece Prime J27 Range features a String, Boxer Brief and Trunk is a sleek and silky black colour.

This Impetus Prime J27 String is a tiny male slip in a sensually smooth material. The stripe effect is created by fine mesh lines between deeper opaque bands. It features a gently shaped unlined pouch.

This Impetus Prime J27 Boxer Brief is a stunning trunk underpant in a luxury silky fabric that glides across the skin. It features a lined low profile pouch and separate double layer gusset, while the there are no side or back seams making it beautifully smooth.

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