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MANstore M272 Underwear

The M272 by MANstore is playfull with a touch of naughtiness and transparency. Available as a pant or jock this new range is available in black or magenta. As the name may suggest the MANstore M272 Front Pusher is definitely not your average pair of undies. The fabric is sexy, sheer and light creating a barely there feel.

MANstore M272 Front Pusher Pant. A limber rubber hoop is stitched at the bottom of the pouch allowing you to manoeuvre everything through for an instant boost. Featuring a waxy MANstore logo stitched centre front of the folded edge waistband, and a tantalising tulle fabric is used in one layer and comes in two great shades, and comes with flat stitched seams.

MANstore M272 Front Pusher Jock. Fabric covered waistband and leg straps, with rubberised brand emblem is stitched front centre of the waistband. Soft mesh fabric is used in one layer for a sexy see through look and a smooth rubber C ring is stitched at the base of the pouch to help give your crown jewels an impressive boost.

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