Mens Underwear

MANStore M303 Collection

Celebrated for their daring and risqué styles with extreme cuts and innovative shapes, MANstore provides fun and sexy men’s underwear. In the latest M303 collection you will be stunned to see these incredible sheer mesh underwear made from the most delicate of fabrics that barely leaves your modesty preserved.

MANstore M303 Tower String

This M303 Tower String is an incredibly sexy, risqué and lustrous thong. It is made from an Acetate microfiber that has a soft silk like feel to them and a lustrous sheen to the fabric, which is patterned with sheer mesh jigsaw panels that creates a semi transparent look. The extreme cut leaves a very narrow fitting pouch at the front that barely covers your bits and has a low rise waistband that tapers to a 2cm thong at the rear.

MANstore M303 Apropo Pant

This M303 Apropo Pant is incredibly sexy, risqué and lustrous. The legs are cut very high in to the groin and the narrow tanga style back tapers to only 5cm wide where it joins the base of the pouch to create the maximum exposure at the rear.

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