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MANStore M305 Collection

MANStore M305 Collection

The M305 is a brand new range of men’s designer underwear by top German designers MANStore. Innovative, avant garde and using only the finest fabrics this collection consists of a massive 14 must-have pieces. They include the Tulle String Body, Nappa String Body, Tulle Freak Shirt, Nappa Freak Shirt, Tulle Knickers, Nappa Knickers, Tulle Hip Boxer, Nappa Hip Boxer, Tulle Rio Tanga Brief, Nappa Rio Tanga Brief, Tulle String Tanga Thong, Nappa String Tanga, Tulle Hip Jock and Nappa Hip Jock.

Recommended Pieces

MANstore M305 Tulle Freak Shirt

This M305 Tulle Freak Shirt is made from black see through mesh and has extra deep cut out panels at the side of the torso for a revealing finish. The soft mesh is really light and stretchy.

MANstore M305 Nappa Hip Boxer

This skin tight M305 Nappa Hip Boxer is the ultimate faux leather chic in one light layer and in a sleek finish.

MANstore M305 Nappa Rio Tanga Brief

This M305 Nappa Rio Tanga Brief teams a fine faux leather hide capped with a statement waistband which is created from a printed pattern of faceted diamond look stones.

Be sure to check out the full range of M305 pieces by MANStore now.