Mens Undies

Guide to the hottest mens underwear in the UK.

Mens Underwear

MANstore M318 Range

The brand new M318 Range is the slinkiest range of men’s designer undies MANstore has ever created. The glassy microfibre is so smooth with a lustrous finish and a stunning big cat print. This 6 piece collection includes a Bondage Body, Jock Shorts, Micro Pant, Slinky Pant, Cheeky Brief and Tower String.

Manstore M318 Slinky Pant

This M318 Slinky Pant features a solo layer microfibre that has the silkiest interior which feels gorgeous against the body. The exterior is just as impressive with a large cat print in shimmery, earth coloured tones.

Manstore M318 Tower String

This M318 Tower String features a slinky fabric and is covered with brown leopard spots with a khaki underlay. The Supple pouch is contoured for a gently boosted profile.

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