Mens Underwear

MANstore M550 Range

Let your love for all things retro be reflected through your stylish underwear choices. This cool men’s M550 Range by MANstore is covered in a jazzy squiggle print and cut in classic fit styles. Choose from the Tower String, Gun Pant, Boxer Shorts and Tight Leggings.

Manstore M550 Tower String

This M550 Tower String features a bright squiggly print that covers this black mesh microfibre thong for men. The sheer material is used in one sweep and the narrow back exposes a good amount of bum cheek.

Manstore M550 Gun Pant

This M550 Gun Pant is a naughty men’s mesh mini short that has hidden ammunition in the form of an integrated C ring which is positioned behind the pouch. The retro look is completed with a glossy waistband and matching leg trim.

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