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Mundo Unico Autumn Collection

Colombian men’s designer underwear brand Mundo Unico have just released their highly anticipated Autumn Collection which includes a range of must-have boxer briefs in a variety of prints and colours.

Mundo Unico Bodini Medio Boxer Brief

This Bodini Medio Boxer Brief is Cotton rich for a natural comfort, and covered in cheery bold stripes. It has a longer leg so you get to enjoy more of the coloured yarn.

Mundo Unico Hyla Amarillo Medio Boxer Brief

This Hyla Amarillo Medio Boxer Brief features burnt orange, bright yellow, red and black that combine to form the unique print that adorns these long trunks. The contrast waistband with two tone capital lettering completes this men’s short.

Mundo Unico Halloween Medio Boxer Brief

Finally, the Halloween Medio Boxer Brief are spooky men’s boxers covered with lots of voodoo skull motifs. There’s flora and vibrant colours thrown in for good measure which brightens up this gothic look brilliantly.

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