Mens Boxers

Mundo Unico Winter Boxer Briefs

Mundo Unico have released their stylish winter collection of men’s boxer briefs. A high content of natural fibers used in this new range helps produce an extremely soft and naturally breathable feel against the skin.

Mundo Unico Amsterdam Cop Corto Boxer Brief

This Amsterdam Cop Corto Boxer Brief is decorated with differing width black and white vertical stripes, creating a simple yet stylish look from this underwear for men.

Mundo Unico Hermitage Corto Boxer Brief

This Hermitage Corto Boxer Brief is seductively sensual and the pale colour combination is really unique. The ideal trunks for men who like to feel smartly dressed from top to toe.

Mundo Unico Copa Corto Manet Boxer Brief

Finally, this Copa Corto Manet Boxer Brief features a gusset and pouch that are made from a silky opaque material to protect a man’s modesty and a deep elastic waistband adds the finishing touch.

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