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Olaf Benz BLU 1451 Swimwear

Olaf Benz BLU 1451 Swimwear

The exotic print in a wild array of cool colours of the BLU 1451 Swimwear by Olaf Benz make it an essential summer style for sun worshippers everywhere. This 3 piece collection consists of the Sun String, Sun Brief and Beach Pant.

Olaf Benz BLU 1451 Swim Sun String

This BLU 1451 Swim Sun String has a really summery colour palette perfect for showing off at the beach. The thong’s back is extra comfortable with 3cm of fabric, while the pouch lining keeps you covered and secure.

Olaf Benz BLU 1451 Beach Pant

This BLU 1451 Beach Pant teams two trends in one great men’s swimming trunk. Swirly zebra stripes in gorgeous green and blue tones. The central lining at the front fully stitched in for smoothness while the silky drawstring is concealed behind the waistband.

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