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Olaf Benz RED 1433 Collection

The RED 1433 collection by Olaf Benz is a super smart 3 piece range suitable for any day of the week. Short dashes in white are woven into the distressed grey body fabric creating a crisp, ultra chic look. Choose from the Mini String, Neo Brief and Neo Pant.

Olaf Benz RED 1433 Neo Brief

This RED 1433 Neo Brief offers a classic monochrome look with a contemporary update. A distressed black and white print is woven with ecru vertical dashes in varying lengths. A crisp waistband and leg hems in white finish these cool briefs perfectly.

Olaf Benz RED 1433 Neo Pant

This RED 1433 Neo Pant is a crisp hipster for men and has a distressed black and white body fabric woven with vertical dashes in ecru. The look is finished with a pristine white waistband and matching leg trim.

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