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Guide to the hottest mens underwear in the UK.

Mens Underwear

Olaf Benz RED 1665 Collection

This stunning 6 piece RED 1665 collection by top German designer men’s undies brand Olaf Benz is lightweight, comfortable and uses a sustainable fabric sourced from natural beech forests. Available in Red, Black and White choose from the T-Shirt, Sport Shirt, Long Sleeve Shirt, Mini Pant, Sport Brief and Casual Pant.


This RED 1665 Sport Shirt is a classic vest for men and is silky soft and ultra light. It dries in the blink of an eye and is crease resistant too. The super elastic fabric fits the body’s form perfectly making it great for sports and lounging.


This RED 1665 Mini Pant is a feather light shorty for guys using one sweep of material. The hyper stretchy trunk is subtly see through making them super soft designer undies for men.

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