Interview With BeCheeky

Be Cheeky

BeCheeky offer a range of mens underwear from top brands that include Aware, HOM, Sloggi and Waxx. We caught up with Kevin O’Neill from BeCheeky who was kind enough to answer these questions.

1. Mens designer underwear has become hugely fashionable over the last couple of years, why do you think that is?

Men’s underwear is now a fashion statement for a lot of Men, with gym memberships becoming ever more popular, men are trying to be fitter, and the men’s underwear market is on board with this trend. Previously men’s underwear was either basic or bedroom. Now underwear is no longer a necessity, it’s now a vehicle for being fashionable.

2. Which brand do you think stands out from the others and why?

Aware has an individual styling that is unique, and diverse. It has a fresh modern, with contrast detailing and great brand logos.

3. Which styles are currently the most popular?

Low rise hipsters and briefs are the most popular styles, as the fashion for jeans/trousers is to be worn lower on the hip.

4. What makes BeCheeky the place to shop mens underwear?

We offer choice and diversity with our brands, Sloggi, fantastic support and fit for your everyday Basics, HOM for that French cheeky styling in unusual fabrics, AWARE for great fashion colours and styles, and WAXX for fun prints and logos ( perfect for presents too!).

5. 2011 is nearly upon us, is there any developments in the world on underwear that you are getting excited about?

We are looking at 2(x)ist to come on board end of this year which will add another great range to our assortment. We believe that Men should have a “Wardrobe of Underwear”, something for every occasion, core everyday basics, occasion, “pulling pants” for that hot date, and something fun and fashionable for a “feel good” day!

Many thanks to Kevin – BeCheeky.