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Interview With Dead Good Undies

Dead Good Undies

Dead Good Undies is an online mens underwear retailer with a passion for providing discerning men with the right men’s underwear and swimwear. We caught up with undies expert Adam Davies who was kind enough to answer these questions.

1. Men’s designer underwear has become hugely fashionable over the last couple of years, why do you think that is?

The men’s grooming and fashion market has grown considerably over the past decade. Consequently, as men have become more conscious of their personal style, they have increasingly wanted every aspect of their lives to reflect that, including their underwear. As demand for male undergarments has grown, the designer industry has developed and honed collections to produce designs as varied as every other item in guys’ wardrobes. The majority of brands even release two collections a year to tie in with the rest of the fashion world. All this means that men can find a huge variety of underwear to reflect their personality, making designer underwear a far more appealing option than the high street alternative which remains pretty limited and far more conservative.

2. Which brand do you think stands out from the others and why?

DGU stocks such a huge range of fantastic brands that it is hard to single out just one but in terms of what is hottest at DGU right now it has to be Doreanse, our new kid on the block! This Turkish collection ticks all the boxes on choice, quality and style offering everything from chic basics to fashionable prints. The whole range is also surprisingly affordable making it a great option for the current economic climate. Having said that, several of our longest-standing brands and recent additions are also still very much in demand, which reflects the diverse audience served by and online shopping.

3. Which styles are currently the most popular?

Interestingly, the run up to Christmas is the only time we suddenly see longer styles entering our best seller lists which suggests that people like to play it safe when buying gifts and opt for the seemingly popular boxer brief. This completely contradicts what we see during the rest of the year when briefs and thongs consistently outsell their more conservative counterparts. The online environment provides men with the opportunity to buy what they want to wear rather than what they think they should and DGU customers overwhelmingly prefer skimpier styles.

4. What makes Dead Good Undies the place to shop men’s underwear? is entirely dedicated – and devoted – to providing men with the best selection of men’s underwear and swimwear from around the world. The current line up of brands has been sourced from every corner of the globe and includes all the best fashion, luxury and everyday deigns from the most well known brands as well as more avant garde, and until now lesser known, collections that DGU know customers will love.

In some cases DGU is the only UK outlet or only UK website carrying the brand or certain styles and colours from these top collections. Even with widely-stocked brands, DGU has more choice than any other retailer or etailer. The DGU team is always on hand to provide expert advice to ensure fellas get the undies they need. We have maintained a reputation for not only providing a phenomenal selection of underwear but swift deliveries and impressive customer service.

5. 2011 is nearly upon us, are there any developments in the world on underwear that you are getting excited about?

Although it is old news for men’s underwear connoisseurs, the recent introduction of enhancing undies and men’s shapewear onto the high street is actually very exciting for us. It has gained a huge amount of media attention and that is just the wake up call the masses needed to realise that there is a whole world of underwear possibilities for men out there just waiting to be discovered! Enhancing and shaping styles have proved hugely popular for us for a while now and whatever the high street can do, specialist brands do it better – so it will be very interesting to see what happens next.

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Many thanks to Adam Davies – Dead Good Undies.