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Interview With Giggleberries


Giggleberries is an online mens underwear retailer that offers high quality designer branded men’s boxer shorts, thongs, and briefs. We caught up with James from Giggleberries who was kind enough to answer these questions.

1. Mens designer underwear has become hugely fashionable over the last couple of years, why do you think that is?

I think that this is largely due to the increasing growth of on line media and social media that enables fashion conscious males to stay in touch with the latest trends in mens underwear, which can also cause those who are less conscious to feel that they ought to perhaps take a greater interest in what they wear.

2. Which brand do you think stands out from the others and why?

It can be hard for brands to stand out on line when competing along side other well known labels. However, it can be achieved if some basic principles are observed, particularly that ‘looks do count’ and this is the main selling point when marketing your brand on line as you can not touch and feel the product. Common features with brands that stand out are strong and bold colours, shiny or sheer fabrics, a masculine look and element of risqué about them. The ‘bum lovin pants’ from Bum Chums are a good example of this and proof that you do not need to be a house hold name to sell pants. This is a relatively new brand and are selling really well, particularly their shiny and metallic look Celestial range and sheer Sneak Peek pants.

3. Which styles are currently the most popular?

Boxer briefs have always been one of the most popular styles. However, thongs are a close second, which seems to surprise some people and yet I can not understand why because in my opinion they offer more benefits for men than for women, who generally wear them for reasons of vanity (e.g, VPL). Yet for men they have many more practical and functional benefits in terms of supporting the ‘giggleberries’ and reducing the risk of testicular trauma. I would suggest every man tries a thong if they have never worn one as men have been wearing them for over 5000 years, long before women and when vanity was not an issue. However, we always advise going one size larger than normal.

4. What makes Giggleberries the place to shop mens underwear?

Well, apart from offering free UK delivery, a ‘no quibbles’ returns and price promise, we pride ourselves on an impeccable level of customer service and broad range of constantly changing lines. Take a look at what our fans say on our Facebook review page.

5. 2011 is nearly upon us, is there any developments in the world on underwear that you are getting excited about?

Yes, we have lots of exciting thing in the pipeline for 2011 and having seen a tremendous growth in sales, this includes a new web site, which we are very excited about. However, that is all I can say for now and so you will just have to contain your excitement and keep an eye on our site during the first quarter of 2011.

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Many thanks to James – Giggleberries.