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Jockey Mens Swimwear

Top American underwear brand Jockey has just released with stylish collection of mens swimwear. Jockey is dedicated to ingenuity, vitality and authenticity of all its products.

Jockey Classic Swim Trunk

Jockey Classic Swim Trunk. This simple yet stylish design has a handy zip pocket at the left hip perfect for holding any loose change for the pool bar or storing your key. The front interior is fully lined with a second layer of light fabric and there is a drawstring hidden inside the waistband.

Jockey Retro Swim Brief

Jockey Retro Swim Brief. This Swim Brief has a fully lined front centre providing extra coverage where it matters and the flat inner drawstring, which is hidden by the waistband, keeps the chances of any inadvertent flashing to a minimum.

Jockey Swimming Short

Jockey Swimming Short. In classic Navy or a lifeguard inspired Asian Red, this snug fit swim boxer provides a flattering fit with smooth microfibre fabric and a fully lined front, complete with a hidden inner pocket. A flat drawstring lies within the waistband to maintain the fluid appearance and a large Jockey logo emblazons the right thigh with the bottom edge folding over with the hem.

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