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MANStore M314 Collection

MANStore M314 Collection

The M314 is a stunning men’s designer underwear collection by MANStore. Once again they never disappoint with their lascivious designs as their latest creation proves. The leather effect material screams sensuality and the centre zip feature just adds to the irresistible naughtiness. The 6 piece collection consists of a Zipped Tank, Zipped Body, Zipped Jock, Zipped String, Zipped Brief and Zipped Pant.

MANStore M314 Zipped Brief

This MANStore M314 Zipped Brief comes with a double ended zipper backed with a smooth flap. The stretchy faux leather is used in one layer, and the deep waistband is covered with the body fabric. Finally, these briefs are finished with a reflecting trim.

MANStore M314 Zipped Body

This M314 Zipped Body is a onesie that has been given a sensual makeover and uses one layer of stretchy leatherette finished with a double ended zip right down the front centre.

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