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Guide to the hottest mens underwear in the UK.

Mens Swimwear

Modus Vivendi Classic Swimwear

This exciting men’s classic swimwear range by Modus Vivendi is an essential for the modern man’s summer wardrobe. The cut is timeless, the fabric sublime. Choose from the Swim Brief or Super Low Cut Swim Brief available in a range of stand-out colours.

Modus Vivendi Classic Swim Brief

This Classic Swim Brief takes you from beach to poolside in maximum style. The concealed drawstring ties centrally behind the front of the waistband, while a fully lined frontage protects against transparency. Finally, the brand name is displayed on a reflective tab at the hip.

Modus Vivendi Super Low Cut Swim Brief

This Super Low Cut Swim Brief simplicity is completely effective. The smooth fabric comes in a block shade and there’s no bulky drawstring for a super streamlined effect. Just team this skimpy swimmer with a hot body and sunny beach for maximum results.

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