Mens Swimwear

Modus Vivendi Trapped Camo Swim Briefs

These new Trapped Camo Swim Briefs by top designer Modus Vivendi are almost too hot to handle! Available in 4 different shades; Blue, Camo Blue, Camo Khaki and Khaki, choose from the Low Cut Swim Brief and Tanga Swim Brief.

This Modus Vivendi Trapped Camo Low Cut Swim Brief is a beautiful men’s beach slips in a design we think looks like a curvaceous jigsaw with an overlaid grid. Silky male trunks that guarantee minimal tan lines on holiday.

This Modus Vivendi Trapped Camo Tanga Swim Brief is not your standard camouflage print – a men’s beach bikini comes in a design that looks like a curvy jigsaw overlaid with fine grid lines. A super high leg male slip that covers where needed and leaves the rest to tan.

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