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Olaf Benz BLU 1556 Beach Range

If you are planning on going on a beach holiday this year then check out these new men’s BLU 1556 Beach Range by Olaf Benz. The gold and silver print covers tiny reptilian inspired scales creating an incredibly reflective effect. Available as a Beach Brief or Beach Pant the choice is yours.

Olaf Benz BLU 1556 Beach Brief

This BLU 1556 Beach Brief comes with a gold and silver snakeskin print and these shiny swimming slips have a silky and stretchy fabric and a woven inner drawstring which is concealed inside the waistband.

Olaf Benz BLU 1556 Beach Pant

This BLU 1556 Beach Pant have a stretchy waistband with an inner drawstring. The polyamide material is seriously silky soft with great stretch while the lining ensures a more modest fit to the boxer brief style pouch.

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