Valetines Day Mens Underwear

Valentines Day is all about giving the one you love flowers, chocolates, jewellery, however does anyone give men’s underwear as a gift.? Who better to ask than undies expert Adam Davies from Dead Good Undies!

Do men get sent designer underwear as a Valentine’s Gift?

Only the lucky ones! Underwear is such a personal gift so buying it for a loved one shows how well you know them and lets them know that someone finds them irresistible.

Which brands are more appealing for Valentine’s day?

The new HOM spring collection usually coincides with the run up to Valentine’s day so is always a popular choice for early gift shoppers.

The incredible quality and sexy, modern cuts from Olaf Benz definitely help to make it a favourite collection and for the more risqué shopper, Gregg Homme offers a huge range of sensual styles in a range of tactile fabrics.

Is their a certain style which is more popular?

Just like Christmas, we see far more women buying for Valentine’s day and the ladies seem to like to play safe with chic boxer briefs rather than the skimpier styles that are popular throughout the rest of the year.

Having said that, slinky briefs and thongs, particularly in red or black always feature on out best seller lists in January and early February, our theory is this is often guys buying some sexy for themselves either as a confidence boost or as a surprise for that someone special.

Which are the must-have pieces this Valentine’s?

HOM’s Silver range includes a Hipster and String, each with translucent fabric flecked with silver for a touch of luxury.

For guys who love a silky feel against the skin, it doesn’t get much better that Gregg Homme’s Wonder range. A thong, brief, boxer brief and g-string are all available in white, black or a rather appropriate (not to mention racy) red.

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